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Re: seamonkey-bin-flash crashes browser

Dick Dery <> wrote:

> > 
> > A little searching found references to various PATH issues on various
> > flavors of Linux but nothing specific to NetBSD.  Any suggestions?
> > 
> > -Jeff
> Users of Debian (Linux) Etch distribution (the stable distribution) have 
> reported this problem also. The solution seems to be to use the 
> flash0player-mozilla package from
> This page also lists a .tar.gz file. I wonder if an individual could 
> build a NetBSD package from that?

I gave the ..orig.tar.gz file a try (installed it from the bash prompt
under emmulation into /emul/linux/home/<user>.  Installed okay but it too
crashes shortly after a flash page begins loading.

I'm wondering if I could use YaST to install flash-player from Suse
under emulation?  Should that work?


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