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Help with installation please

I have debian installed with grub bootloader.  I  wanted to install NetBSD 
because I wanted to learn more (I wasn't learning much from debian I guess 
cause most of it is done for you).  Compared to debian, NetBSD is a lot more 
complicated to install (in my opinion).  I don't know much, so if I could get a 
walkthrough of the installation process.  I'll explain my situation so that it 
is easier for you guys (I already read the installation guide, but it didn't 
explain everything).  So I just have debian installed with grub bootloader.  (I 
don't have internet on the computer im installing this on, I think I have a bad 
ethernet cable or something).  I would like to just get it working with grub, 
or just install a boot loader over it if editing grub would be too complicated. 
 Right now I'm at the installation part where I'm editing the MBR partition 
table.  It has the type, start, size, end, active, install, bootmenu, default.  
What would I put for active, install, bootmenu, and
 default?  For active and install its just yes or no.  For bootmenu I have to 
type something in (don't know what), and for default it won't let me select 
that option (I'm guessing because of the other settings).  So your help would 
be greatly appreciated for the whole installation process after this too.  
(remember no internet)

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