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Re: problem updating NetBSD via source

On Jun 08 16:07, Christian Baer wrote:
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> built a new userland:
> ./ -U distribution (in /usr/src, not as root)
> ./ kernel=GENERIC
> I ran into the first problems there because couldn't find any 
> tools. The same thing happens BTW. if I type the command just like in the 
> guide. So I did a
> ./ tools
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Hi Chris,

There is a very useful explaination in the NetBSD guide on

For example, it recommends the following to build the userland (I always do a 
mkdir /usr/obj and /usr/tools before):

./  -O ../obj -T ../tools -U -u distribution

But on the other hand, I never switched from stable to current.

Hope I could help a little bit.

Have a nice day!
Stevie Lancaster <>

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