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Re: what is the current fss(4) status?

On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Michai Ramakers wrote:
I recently found out about fss/fssconfig to make ffs-filesystem
snapshots; it works very well for me. However, netbsd 4.0 fss(4)
manpage (from April 17, 2005) says "This driver is experimental.  Be
sure you have a backup before you use it.". Does that still apply? How
safe is it in practice?

When I used it with 3.1 to backup filesystems overnight, about 25% of the time, there would be a deadlock in the morning required a hard reboot. As this was a mission-critical server I didn't have opportunity to investigate further. I would be interested to know whether 4.0 should be better.


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