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Re: Strange time issue with NetBSD-4/i386

André Wienck wrote:
Hello, Louis,

On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 03:41:16 -0400, Louis Guillaume wrote:
I'm having a very strange issue with the time on my system. It is running about 10 times faster than it should.

Which is your active timecounter? (See sysctl kern.timecounter)

# sysctl kern.timecounter
kern.timecounter.choice = clockinterrupt(q=0, f=100 Hz) TSC(q=-100, f=996876440 Hz) i8254(q=100, f=1193182 Hz) dummy(q=-1000000, f=1000000 Hz)
kern.timecounter.hardware = i8254
kern.timecounter.timestepwarnings = 0

This is exactly the same as comes up with a GENERIC (non-MP) kernel. But the time works correctly. Is there a way to change this so the time works properly with MP kernels?


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