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Re: xen hosting providers recommendation.

A friend has a xen VPS at panix.  It runs NetBSD 4, and I'm pretty sure
Xen 3 (shows 'vcpu0', and xen2 says cpu0 and mainbus).

total memory = 360 MB
avail memory = 347 MB
vcpu0: AMD Unknown K7 (Athlon) (686-class), 1802.30 MHz, id 0x20ff0

Network speeds are good.  I just got 10 Mb/s TCP throughput to home (VZ
FiOS), 18 Mb/s to MIT (cogent), and 12 Mb/s to BBN (VZ).

The box has currently been up 80 days.  They have maintenance windows,
but at good times, and they have been reliable.  My friend has no
support complaints so far.

The one downside is that the disk seems slow, and that may be due to
other VPS on the box using the disk.  running

dd if=/dev/xbd0d of=/dev/null bs=128k
^T after a while showed:
77201408 bytes transferred in 82.801 secs (932372 bytes/sec)

The price is good; $240/year for what feels like 10% of a box including
10G disk, rsync backup of that, a bunch of bandwidth.

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