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Re: Dumping configuration

David Dudley wrote:
> I need to setup a new host with the same package set, and it would be
> easy if I can just say "make all of these".

Doubtless you'd get a better answer from pkgsrc-users@, but I do roughly
that from time to time by making a list and feeding it to make(1).

To make a list of packages with their directories, perhaps

        $ pkg_info | awk '{print $1}' \
          | while read F; do pkg_info -Q PKGPATH $F; done

Then to make everything, perhaps

        $ cd /usr/pkgsrc && for P in $(cat pkglist)
                (cd $(dirname $P) && make $(basename $P))

I'm sure there are easier ways, but I never seem to need quite the same
thing twice, and the above approach lets me tailor the list and control
the process somewhat.  



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