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Re: Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 4000

Gary Thorpe wrote:

--- David Brownlee <> wrote:

        Anyone using one of these under NetBSD? It appears to be detected
        fine, but is non responsive (works fine under Windows)

[ ... ]

I have a similar problem with the 1000 model (almost identical dmesg).
A wired USB mouse works but doesn't identify as a UHID device. This
seems to be an older problem from what I have seen in mailing list
archives: has anyone had success with these UHID mice? Or, is the
wireless feature the problem (is there a newer mouse protocol being
used over USB)?

I have a logitech wireless mouse which works fine under NetBSD. I don't have it to hand right now, so cannot post any further details, but will do so tomorrow if anybody would like.


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