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Re: Upgrading without sysinst and installation media (was: how to upgrade from NetBSD 3.1 to 4 ?)

I saw this post on the old list, and have a question:

    * *From*: *Mark Weinem <

1) Make a backup
2) Fetch a new kernel and the binary sets and store them /some/where/
3) Install the new kernel (but keep the old one!!)

   # mv /netbsd /netbsd.old
   # pax -zrf /some/where/newkernel.tgz
   # mv /some/where/newkernel /netbsd

4) Reboot

5) Install the sets *except* etc.tzg and xetc.tgz!!

   # cd /
   # pax -zrf /some/where/set.tgz
   # ...
   # ...

6) Run etcupdate to merge important changes:

   # cd /
   # etcupdate -s /some/where/etc.tgz -s /some/where/xetc.tgz

7) Upgrade finished, time to reboot.
My question is rather simple -- why has this method of upgrading been removed from the documentation?

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