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Re: My PS/2 70

On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, Linda C. Lindley wrote:

>  I have my original PS/2 70 and want to network it so I can play ROGUE 
> (remember that???).  It's an old old RPG but what got me started.  I 
> want a Microchannel network card, but don't know which one to look for.  
> I will be hooking it into a home network but need a network card.  
> HELP!  Which network card will work with this machine?  My server is one 
> I built myself and is running Windows XP Pro.

I am unsure from reading this if you plan to install NetBSD or not.
I didn't know if the PS/2 70 works on modern NetBSD, but I found a webpage 
at about "NetBSD/i386 on IBM 
PS/2" that might be useful.

NetBSD comes with the rogue game, but I am pretty sure it is not network 
based. The NetBSD pkgsrc collection also has several rogue-like games.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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