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Re: chrooted ntpd not working on 4.0/sparc64

In article <BLU109-F3504D4F05A95DC7168F80EB71F0%phx.gbl@localhost>,
David H. Gutteridge <> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a problem with ntpd on NetBSD 4.0/sparc64.  I'm running it
>chrooted, and that configuration doesn't seem to work.  The
>/var/log/messages file is reporting this error:
>ntpd[2862]: step-systime: Operation not permitted
>I searched for references to this problem in the past, and found this
>It must have been fixed in -current, but perhaps something's changed
>again since that time?  (Or perhaps it's user error?)
>I do have the clockctl device compiled into my kernel, and it's present
>in the chroot environment.

It does not seem to be in the kernel from the KTRACE messages.


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