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xen advice

I'm about to replace an oldish i386 (NetBSD 3.1) box with a celeron 2.8 with a current generation core2duo (8200 I think) and a couple of SATA 500GB HDD's that I'll run as s/w RAID1 (raidframe). It's going to be running NetBSD 4.0, the aim being to be a general purpose server (apache, zope/plone, sendmail/cyrus/clamav/spamassassin) and hopefully I want to retire a development box running CentOS5 and run it in a VM of some form. I'd like to use Xen as I think both NetBSD and CentOS will run happily with Xen and I'm pretty sure that VMware doesn't work too well as a host OS on NetBSD.

I'd like to run the NetBSD box as the xen dom-something (what's the right term for the host?) and one or more CentOS 5 installs in DomU's (right terminology for the hosted VM's?).

Is that a good configuration and likely to be stable? If so, what kernel will work best on the NetBSD host in terms of the best use of the multi-core CPU?



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