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Re: Two quick ipnat questions

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, Peter Eisch wrote:

On 2/15/08 10:09 AM, "Paul Goyette" <> wrote:

Here's a quick ASCII-art diagram:

               | External Network
          |         |       |   |
          |         |       |   |
       WiFi AP   NetBSD   More stuff ...
          |  Internal Network

So, two questions:

1. Can I use ipnat on the NetBSD box, running it as a "one-armed

No.  If you can do vlans on your LAN, then you can do it with a single NIC,
otherwise no.  There's no "route" (er, path?) through the NetBSD box.  Even
if you set the default gw to be the NetBSD on the AP, ARP redirects will
quickly point it back to the real, ISP, gateway.

OK, not a big deal to add another NIC in the NetBSD box. But the following question still concerns me:

Since the WiFi AP will need two addresses (one for it's wired side, ie x.y.z.2, and one for the Wireless side). If the NetBSD box has a.b.c.1 as its external address, can I use x.y.z.99 as the translated address? And if I do this, do I need to manually publish an ARP entry for .99 so the ISP's device can find it?

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