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building parts of the netbsd source-tree


is there a simple way to build only parts of the netbsd source-tree or
do I have to use for every single netbsd-component?

I tried a plain `make' in some of the various subdirectories (src/bin/sh
and src/usr.bin/awk) but make always failed because it didn't know how
to build some dependencies.



P.S. My mk.conf:

        MKUNPRIVED       = yes
        MAKEVERBOSE      = 1

        TOOLDIR          = /tmp/netbsd/tools
        MAKEOBJDIR       = /tmp/netbsd/obj
        DESTDIR          = /tmp/netbsd/dst
        RELEASEDIR       = /tmp/netbsd/rel
        KERNOBJDIR       = /tmp/netbsd

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