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RE: issues with LSI 9260

Postgres calculates a checksum on each 16kb page of data and records it in
the page header. When it reads the page back, it calculates the checksum
against the data it's retrieved and compares it to the one that was
recorded in the header. When the checksums don't match, it indicates
corruption in the page. This error is showing that this problem has

>From observation, when we've had this problem, in some cases the page
header appears to have been corrupted and in other cases there's evident
corruption elsewhere in the page. In one case, it appears a copy of a page
header from some other page had been written at the 8k point.

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From: Manuel Bouyer [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 11:57 AM
To: Derrick Lobo
Subject: Re: issues with LSI 9260

On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 11:53:26AM -0400, Derrick Lobo wrote:
> The config we have 4 x 2tb disk with raid10 setup on the lsi .. the 
> disk is configured using gpt
> Im not seeing any errors in normal operation or on the kernel however 
> when we build a database we get these errors on the postgress logs
> Block 1077542 of base/16391/24778
> Block 848733 of base/16391/24777

I have no idea what this means. Are you sure this is errors ?

> These are certrans and certificate, respectively.
> dd if=/data_local/cert63/base/16391/24778.16 of=badpage.certrans.63
> bs=16384 count=1 skip=28966
> dd if=/data_local/cert63/base/16391/24777.12 of=badpage.certificate.63
> bs=16384 count=1 skip=62301

Does this report errors ?

> when we take off the lsi and connect a sata disk and use gpt to 
> configure the drive we are able to build the database with no page

It may also be timing-related, I would expect the LSI to be much faster,
especially for writes

Manuel Bouyer <>
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