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RE: issues with LSI 9260

Any updates here or am I in the wrong mailing list.. 

Derrick Lobo

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Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:46 AM
Subject: issues with LSI 9260

HI All

Im getting weird block errors while restoring the database, don't see any
errors on kernel or on the console so not sure if these are critical..
also I don't see any error on a server that does not have a LSI raid

Block 1077542 of base/16391/24778
Block 848733 of base/16391/24777

These are certrans and certificate, respectively.

dd if=/data_local/cert63/base/16391/24778.16 of=badpage.certrans.63
bs=16384 count=1 skip=28966
dd if=/data_local/cert63/base/16391/24777.12 of=badpage.certificate.63
bs=16384 count=1 skip=62301

The LSI RAID hardware I am using is LSI 9240-8i and 9260-4i the disks are
3 x 2TB and have tested with RAID 0 and RAID10,both gave same error. Im
using gpt, I know the configuration works as its working on a server with
adaptec SAS controller.

I called LSI and they asked to recompile the driver. LSI suggest I use the
X8 port and dedicate IRC19 which I have done. I have mfi enabled on my
kernel so theres support. The OS is also not able to see the drivers when
they are configured as JBOD or unconfigured on  LSI. I am using netbsd
6.1.4. I have not tested with the current version but can try it out 

Any help will be appreciated


Derrick Lobo

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