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Re: lang/sun-jdk15 on amd64

Dear Milos,

No idea, sorry. I always use the native build, because if I run into
problems, they can be fixed by the Java porting team. The linux package
is not open to such fixes.

How do you manage to build native jdk? It depends on linux emulated jdk
package (which core dumps for me).

Hum. You ran into the bootstrap problem. Blech, I remember that one from way back when I hacked at the DEC Alpha port a little. Technically, building the JDK depends on any working JVM, not the linux one per se.

There are two paths for you to take; find a working JVM for your box and edit the port dependency so that it uses that JVM, or do the bootstrap on another machine.

I'm not sure what version of the JDK you need to bootstrap the JVM build.

First path speaks for itself, I think. Second path is more likely to work, but very fiddly. First run the build until it cores. Then see the last command that the build tried to run. That command is most likely "${your-bootstrap-java-home}/bin/javac ..." What you can do is copy the extracted and half-built JDK sources onto (say) a Linux/amd64 system, then issue the failed command manually, then drag the half- built tree back to the target machine and continue the build.

You can optimize this procedure if you study the command and its dependent files. I have done it in the past and it's not really as hard as it sounds.

This is all from memory, so please check with Greg Lewis and the java porting team on how to proceed. They know a lot more tricks than I do.
Kees Jan

The secret of success lies in the stability of the goal. -- Benjamin Disraeli

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