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Re: lang/sun-jdk15 on amd64

Dear Milos.

Is anyone running lang/sun-jdk15 on amd64 successfully? I have it
installed but it core dumps immediately after running.


February 14, 2008: Greg Lewis has released the eighth patchset (patchlevel 8, "Tarragindi") for the JDK™ 1.5.0 software. This release now supports NetBSD/amd64 and the browser plugin runs on the amd64 architecture. In addition, the source code base has been updated to 1.5.0 Update 14. Information on downloading the patchset can be found at

Perhaps you should have a chat with Greg? You can find him on the mailing lists. The Java porting effort for *bsd is concentrated on that list for historical reasons.
Kees Jan

Rule 1 for being in a hole: stop digging.

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