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netbsd-help closing -- please subscribe to netbsd-users

The netbsd-help list is closing in one week. Archives will still be 
available of course.

If you are not already on netbsd-users, please subscribe and participate 
at netbsd-users instead.

The mailing list description is:

  This list provides a general help forum where users can discuss
  using NetBSD, regardless of platform. As a large number of
  subscribers receive this list, please use your good judgement
  when posting. Technical discussion related to the development
  and design of NetBSD itself aren't appropriate on this list and
  are better voiced in a more narrowly focused technical (tech-*)

(As you can see it is redundant with netbsd-help. We aren't auto- 
subscribing accounts nor adding an alias to the list so we don't break
any of your mail filtering rules.)

Thank you,

    Jeremy C. Reed
                        ``Of course it runs NetBSD.''

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