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Re: PCMCIA ne2000 compatible Ethernet card driver

Hi again, and sorry for the delay.
We (well, you, really) are more close to the solution.
The card isn't working, but the kernel now shows:
ne0 at pcmcia0 function 0: <PCMCIA LAN, Ethernet, A,
ne0: can't match ethernet vendor code

I also tried to modify the line
+product RELIA RE2408T          { "PCMCIA&spLAN", Ethernet",
"A", NULL } Relia RE2408T ethernet adapter
+product RELIA RE2408T          { "PCMCIA&spLAN", Ethernet",
"A", "004743118001" } Relia RE2408T ethernet adapter
... but the result is the same.

I think the solution is close to us, but... I cannot
find it. Ideas?


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