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Re: what is pckbc0 ? installing netbsd of HP DL140G3

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 09:09:51PM +0000, Philip wrote:
> I tried to install NetBSD 4 on a HP DL140 G3 today at work (and failed).
> I want to use it as a firewall in front of a Linux server that has some 
> rather sensitive stuff on it.
> The DL140 G3 is the cheapest rack mount server that HP do and it comes with 
> iLo and mine has a RAID
> controller too, great stuff.

Does it have an option for using a serial console (in the bios) ?
or for pxeboot ?

You might find that you can network boot the install kernel.
If the bios doesn't have serial console redirection then you'll
need to use 'installboot -e' to modify the console settings for
(even if you don't you'll need to do consdev=com0 so the kernel uses
the serial port.)

Once installed you probably want the serial boot code options throughout.


David Laight:

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