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Re: what is pckbc0 ? installing netbsd of HP DL140G3

Philip wrote:
> What's pckbc0 ?

It's the first device of provided by pckbc(4).  See "man pckbc" for

I'm sure Manuel's answer is more helpful.  I just wanted to point out the
taxonomy and documentation, in case you weren't aware of them.  

> How do I compile an install kernel without it and boot it ?

Extensive docs for building your own kernel are on the website.  I'm no
expert, so I won't try to explain them.  But I will point you to "man
boot", because it really helps to understand that you can have lots of
kernels in your root.   boot(8) can boot any file on any device it knows
about; the only reason you're normally not involved is that it defaults to

So: build your kernel, plop in / as, say, netbsd.nopckbc, and reboot. 
Bring boot(8) into interactive mode and boot your new kernel.  If you like
what it does, rename it to 'netbsd', and you're good to go.  



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