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Re: migrating the NetBSD users guide to the wiki

Just an update regarding possible extra sections that were not present
in the htdocs version.

Leonardo Taccari writes:
> [...]
> After inspecting the TOC in the wikisrc I have found these extra
> sections in wikisrc version not present in htdocs (title of section,
> URL of content and notes attached):
>  11.5. Multiple audio devices
>  <>
>  -----------------------------------------------
>   - Instead of manually adjusting symlinks `audiocfg default' can be used.
>     `audiocfg default' is probably worth to mention.

That section was probably before audiocfg(1). The `11.1. Configuring
the audio device' section was rewritten using audiocfg(1) commands
(that also cover the listing and testing audio devices in - usually!
- a less cacophonic way than directly cat(1)-ing to /dev/audio!).

> [...]
>  linux.mdwn (TODO)
>  ----------
>     -r1.1: SUSE packages updated to 12.1 and added binary packages
>            instruction
>    That's mostly a `s/suse100/suse121/', update of
>    `pkg_info -a | grep suse' output and instruction that add a:
>    `pkg_add rpm suse_base suse_compat suse_x11'.
> [...]

In both htdocs and wikisrc version print/acroread7 was used as
example but it was removed in pkgsrc (distfile was no longer
available).  As a pretty complex Linux application
misc/libreoffice6-bin was taken as example.

`pkg_add rpm suse_base suse_compat suse_x11' or similar was not
added though: IMHO the main point of (manually) installing such
packages is just to illustrate to the reader about the existence
of them.

> [...]
>  rc.mdwn (TODO)
>  -------
>     -r1.6: Remove references to /etc/rc.lkm and /etc/rc.d/lkm[123]
>     -r1.1: Add a section about rc.d scripts from additional services
>    -r1.6 was integrated to chap-rc.xml too.
>    -r1.1 section is not present. Probably worth to add a couple of
>    sentences about that (IMHO it would be better to avoid adjusting
>    rc_directories and mentioning grep-ing for `rcvar').
> [...]

A subsection to document packages installing rc.d script was added,
including how to use them and mentioning the PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS
environment variable.

Any feedbacks/suggestions are welcomed!

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