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Re: migrating the NetBSD users guide to the wiki

Hello Soren,

Soren Jacobsen writes:
> [...]
> Can we please just delete the wikisrc version?

I think so and I second that.

However, before doing that it's worth to (double-)check all possible
missing contents in the htdocs version that should be integrated.

After inspecting the TOC in the wikisrc I have found these extra
sections in wikisrc version not present in htdocs (title of section,
URL of content and notes attached):

 11.5. Multiple audio devices
  - Instead of manually adjusting symlinks `audiocfg default' can be used.
    `audiocfg default' is probably worth to mention.
 30.5. Sources on CD (ISO)
  - Can be removed, no longer relevant: source ISOs are no longer
    provided since 7.0.

After digging in the CVS log of wiksrc/guide (all files relative
to wikisrc/guide/):

 boot.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.7: adjust README-all and change <PORT> with $(uname -m) and
           <RELEASE> with $(uname -r) in PKG_PATH
    -r1.8: suggests dhcpcd

   The only part that is not in htdocs is `<PORT> -> $(uname -m)' and
   `<RELEASE> -> $(uname -r)' change.  While `<PORT> -> $(uname -m)' is
   probably okay `<RELEASE> -> $(uname -r)' can leads to non valid
   PKG_PATH, e.g. on netbsd-8 it's expanded to 8.0_STABLE while in
   PKG_PATH 8.0 should be used.  For this reason I would prefer to keep
   the Guide as-is.

 exinst.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.4: Make the system configuration part fit 6.0.

   The chap-exinst.xml was completely updated and revised to 8.0 thanks
   to Rocky Hotas!

 linux.mdwn (TODO)
    -r1.1: SUSE packages updated to 12.1 and added binary packages

   That's mostly a `s/suse100/suse121/', update of
   `pkg_info -a | grep suse' output and instruction that add a:
   `pkg_add rpm suse_base suse_compat suse_x11'.
   Apart that `Linux compatibility on BSD for the PPC platform' and
   `Irix binary compatibility' ONLamp articles by Emmanuel Dreyfus were
   added.  Both of them seems no longer available.

 mail.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.5: typos (wording improvements)

   Trivial wording improvements, now chap-mail.xml is adjusted too.

 net-practice.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.6: refer to dhcpcd

   chap-net-practice.xml was also updated.

 raidframe.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.12: typos (PR misc/47779)

   chap-rf.xml was also updated.

 rc.mdwn (TODO)
    -r1.6: Remove references to /etc/rc.lkm and /etc/rc.d/lkm[123]
    -r1.1: Add a section about rc.d scripts from additional services

   -r1.6 was integrated to chap-rc.xml too.
   -r1.1 section is not present. Probably worth to add a couple of
   sentences about that (IMHO it would be better to avoid adjusting
   rc_directories and mentioning grep-ing for `rcvar').

 rmmedia.mdwn (DONE)
    -r1.4: typos

   chap-rmmedia.xml is adjusted too.
 veriexec.mdwn (NOT-RELEVANT)
    -r1.3: IPS wtf(6) expansion

   chap-veriexec.xml did not have the acronym expanded, not relevant to

I will try to address these notes and update the Guide accordingly
in the next days but any further feedbacks/double checks/suggestions
are welcomed!

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