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Re: migrating the NetBSD users guide to the wiki

On May 20, 10:54pm, Sevan Janiyan wrote:
} On 20/05/2019 22:50, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
} > It is not necessary, of course.  It reduces confusion, possible
} > duplicate efforts and according the discussion in this thread it
} > seems that there are more people in favour of the htdocs one.
} I mean you've already argued on irc, got me to post on www@ and this
} list, the vote on top is a bit much, don't you think?

     Ah, a meta-question.  Only a handful of people participated
in the thread.  It could be argued that with such a small group
that you didn't get a valid representative sampling.  On the other
hand, it could be argued that the people that really care did
comment.  As for the result of the discussion, it appeared to be
heavily weighted to the htdocs version.  Admittedly, I did not go
back and reread every post to perform a meta-analysis of the
discussion so I'm going somewhat by gut feeling which is subject
to confirmation bias and thus could be wrong.  However, my gut
tells me that of the people who did respond in this thread, they
were heavily biased towards the htdocs version.

     TO ME, it felt like your final statement was that you were
going to ignore what everybody said and just do whatever you wanted,
rendering the discussion pointless.  Being a volunteer driven
project, this is your perogative.  However, with something that is
important to the project as a whole, it would seem better to follow
community consensus.  Although it is never "really necessary" to
pile on, if people feel like they are being ignored (as opposed to
having their concerns addressed), they may feel that it is necessary
to pile on if they feel strongly enough about the topic.

}-- End of excerpt from Sevan Janiyan

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