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Re: Tasks

Andrew Doran wrote:

> Any takers for some of the existing tasks listed? Note that this mailing
> list is moderated so do not hesitate to chime in. *
> Packages / branding / combined distribution
> - The ones with no legal concerns as noted on the wiki could be put into a
>   single meta package initially. The stuff that needs investigation could be
>   put into another package or merged into the original one incrementally.
> - I can provide the prototype theme stuff this week-end if someone wants it.
>   It is only a starting point but it would be good to figure out how to
>   apply it to GNOME etc.
> - One question is how we integrate it with pkgsrc. Does the packages simply
>   go into the meta-packages directory? Do we keep a private tree? Do we get
>   a NetBSD *system* specific directory in pkgsrc? Thought required. I bet
>   someone on packages@ can answer this and/or will be keen to help.
> - I hear youtube works with mplayer and the ns-plugin-wrapper thing works too.
> System installation 
> - Need to look into enabling line editing and tab completion by default in
>   sh/ksh. If someone can figure it out a good way to do this by default, I
>   will be happy to absorb any flamage and commit the changes.

Our ksh already has it by default.

Although a good addition would be to supply mksh instead of that old version of
pdksh in our sources:
Which is an actively maintained version of pdksh with some additions found
in bash and many other original new features plus bugfixes and portability

> - sysinst needs some basic mods, the most important batch would be add a
>   menu to select normal/expert install, and following from that to make the
>   install easy by asking as few questions a possible. It should be ok to run
>   the dynamically linked sysinst straight out the build directory on an
>   existing, running system and install onto another disk. Or it could easily
>   run in qemu. It's very easy to build sysinst and release CD images if
>   needed, if someone asks on the list I will write out the steps.
> - Another part is getting X to autoconfigure. From my perspective this means
>   doing a bit of research, I don't know well enough what happens with it. Is
>   X -configure smart enough these days? Can we figure out how to set the
>   keyboard layout given what we ask in sysinst? Is it worth looking at what
>   Ubuntu/Fedora do? Anyone want to add the code to sysinst? Should be simple
>   enough.
> What else needs doing?
> cheers,
> Andrew
> * it means the kind of holy war seen elsewhere will not be allowed to kick
>   off here.

When in doubt, use brute force.

Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>

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