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Re: Tasks

On Sat, 14 Feb 2009, Andrew Doran wrote:
I've put a script from one of our (my company's) projects at

Looks like it is actually here:


In essence the script runs X -probeonly -configure and then post processes
the generated Xorg.conf to determine the driver being used (which can be
stored for future reference if there is any local storage). Certain quirks
are applied based on experience. These include falling back to VESA in
certain circumstances (namely DDC failing with the intel driver) and
selecting software cursor on some chipsets. The Xorg.conf actually used
for X is then autogenerated. The script I've uploaded is just part of

This is great, thank you!

The other thing is a fallback routine that will try VESA+DDC then VESA+800x600 if X fails to start.

Then once in X, we check on the resolutions with xrandr and do some sanity checking (switch out of square resolutions, e.g. 1280x1280 and set some upper and lower bounds on resolution). The user is then asked whether they want to save the settings for later. They will only get prompted once as the product is designed for kiosk-type operation.

Can we figure out how to set the
keyboard layout given what we ask in sysinst? Is it worth looking at what
Ubuntu/Fedora do? Anyone want to add the code to sysinst? Should be simple

That's got to be pretty simple. What we actually do with the keyboard
layout determined depends on how we generate the Xorg.conf

If I recall we presently only ask for the timezone which is a bit different
from asking for the keyboard layout. If so it could use improvement but I
suppose it is not critical for producing a prototype.

The very first sysinst asks for (after language) is keyboard layout (I select UK-English for example), so we just need to make map this through to an appropriate value for xkb/xmodmap.


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