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Re: signup for Desktop tasks? and "ports"? and plugin detection

On Fri, 6 Feb 2009, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

I have used NetBSD on my desktops for around 9 years. But I rarely use
Gnome. My experiences with Ubuntu and Gnome have been bad so moved my wife
to NetBSD and Xfce. But I am willing to maybe move my wife back to
NetBSD+Gnome. (As for me, all the extra software and features are
overwhelming to me ... I like to keep it a little more simple.)

        I've just switched on Xfce from a selection of gnome / kde3
        / kde4 / jwm and while its not the prettiest it does seem
        a nice point in the features/size curve.

        If we were looking at providing a single desktop viable on
        more than just big x86 boxes (86 netbooks, macppc, sparc
        etc), then xfce4 might be a good choice - its size would
        also be an asset on live CDs.

        I'm not trying to crowbar in my choice here, or compromise
        mainstream desktops for obsolete platforms, but given the
        growth of the netbooks segment, picking the 'richest'
        desktop may not be the best option.

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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