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signup for Desktop tasks? and "ports"? and plugin detection

Where did the Desktop Phase 1 in the wiki come from?

Says ftp(1) can't fetch webpages nor install guide. What does that mean? 
(I use ftp to fetch all types of HTTP webpages.)

Then it repeatedly says "ports system". (Instead of "pkgsrc".)

Also is there a plan for some to start signing up to be responsible for 
many of the tasks already listed?

Few minutes after I wrote that now I see text "Responsible (for the 
technical bit):"...

We should have dates too, like when the task will be completed by.

I'll be glad to help in some way or another.

I have used NetBSD on my desktops for around 9 years. But I rarely use 
Gnome. My experiences with Ubuntu and Gnome have been bad so moved my wife 
to NetBSD and Xfce. But I am willing to maybe move my wife back to 
NetBSD+Gnome. (As for me, all the extra software and features are 
overwhelming to me ... I like to keep it a little more simple.)

Another thing to be listed to wiki is hardware/plugin detection. amd is 
not useful for me. I use a script that watches kernel logging to mount 
devices when reported. Need to handle insert of CD/DVD (even writable), 
memory/flash disks, new USB printers, SD/MMC cards, etc. And need to 
properly handle removing hardware without user telling system first.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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