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Re: port-alpha/55545: /usr/src/ script only known alpha/alpha, but my machnine is EV56

The following reply was made to PR port-alpha/55545; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Jason Thorpe <>
Subject: Re: port-alpha/55545: /usr/src/ script only known
 alpha/alpha, but my machnine is EV56
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 06:39:33 -0700

 > On Aug 11, 2020, at 4:08 AM, Fazekas Mih=C3=A1ly =
 <> wrote:
 > "My history" (started at middle of 2020 may):
 > GENERIC: use 1 CPU, see 4 CPU, offical install set:
 > no hangup
 > GENERIC.MP with 1 CPU (only cpu0 slot is used):
 > no problem
 > GENERIC.MP use more than one CPU, offical install set:
 > terrible/road to hell/....
 > (some situation parallel running commands, guaratee hangup
 > whitin 2-5 minute,
 > example: fetch src by cvs, and etract pkgsrc for tarball)
 So, this has nothing to do with the flags used to build the system.  =
 This is just a bug that we should try and sort out.  I would like to =
 help with this.  Is it possible to enter DDB when the system gets stuck?
 > With my custom (MP) kernel config(s):
 > Remove some unwanted line from GENERIC.MP: better than generic config
 > Remove ALL unwanted line (bluetooth, usb, EISA cards,
 > kernelized raid, many pseudo devices,...),
 > and set CPUFLAGS=3D"-mbwx -mcpu=3Dev56": more better,
 > and detectable faster. Ok, speeup less than 2..3x,
 > but speed diff. "human detectable", and no too much hangup,
 > if use only one session: compress/decompress/fetch_by_cvs/compile
 > (compile: make without -j option),...: can compile entrie system
 > without hangup....
 > My latest custom kernel config:
 > Less hangup count if add 2 line at end of my custom kernel config:
 > no options SCHED_4BSD
 > options SCHED_M2
 > At now: first readable (captureable) message arrived
 > after more than 2 month (frozen at this screen):
 It would probably be worth building a kernel with LOCKDEBUG and running =
 that -- there's obviously some sort of locking problem going on.
 Would you be running to run with test patches to see if we can get to =
 the bottom of the hangup and make some improvements to the Alpha MP =
 support code?  I know there are several things that can be improved (and =
 where there may be bugs lurking), but I no long have any Alpha hardware =
 I can test on.
 > My (current) hardware in alphaserver box:
 > AlphaServer 4100, 4x CPU (21164A-2, 600MHz), 8G ram, S3 Trio,
 > 3x Mylex D960, 1x QLogic 1020 scsi, 1x 3Com 905B ethernet,
 > 1x SMC 9342TX.
 > (ex0: internal net address, sshd listen on this,
 > epic0: external address only for outgoing connections)
 That's a very nice machine.  I had an AlphaServer 4100 some years ago, =
 but not spec'd quite that nice!
 -- thorpej

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