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Re: port-alpha/55545: /usr/src/ script only known alpha/alpha, but my machnine is EV56

> On Aug 11, 2020, at 4:08 AM, Fazekas Mihály <> wrote:
> "My history" (started at middle of 2020 may):
> GENERIC: use 1 CPU, see 4 CPU, offical install set:
> no hangup
> GENERIC.MP with 1 CPU (only cpu0 slot is used):
> no problem
> GENERIC.MP use more than one CPU, offical install set:
> terrible/road to hell/....
> (some situation parallel running commands, guaratee hangup
> whitin 2-5 minute,
> example: fetch src by cvs, and etract pkgsrc for tarball)

So, this has nothing to do with the flags used to build the system.  This is just a bug that we should try and sort out.  I would like to help with this.  Is it possible to enter DDB when the system gets stuck?

> With my custom (MP) kernel config(s):
> Remove some unwanted line from GENERIC.MP: better than generic config
> Remove ALL unwanted line (bluetooth, usb, EISA cards,
> kernelized raid, many pseudo devices,...),
> and set CPUFLAGS="-mbwx -mcpu=ev56": more better,
> and detectable faster. Ok, speeup less than 2..3x,
> but speed diff. "human detectable", and no too much hangup,
> if use only one session: compress/decompress/fetch_by_cvs/compile
> (compile: make without -j option),...: can compile entrie system
> without hangup....
> My latest custom kernel config:
> Less hangup count if add 2 line at end of my custom kernel config:
> no options SCHED_4BSD
> options SCHED_M2
> At now: first readable (captureable) message arrived
> after more than 2 month (frozen at this screen):

It would probably be worth building a kernel with LOCKDEBUG and running that -- there's obviously some sort of locking problem going on.

Would you be running to run with test patches to see if we can get to the bottom of the hangup and make some improvements to the Alpha MP support code?  I know there are several things that can be improved (and where there may be bugs lurking), but I no long have any Alpha hardware I can test on.

> My (current) hardware in alphaserver box:
> AlphaServer 4100, 4x CPU (21164A-2, 600MHz), 8G ram, S3 Trio,
> 3x Mylex D960, 1x QLogic 1020 scsi, 1x 3Com 905B ethernet,
> 1x SMC 9342TX.
> (ex0: internal net address, sshd listen on this,
> epic0: external address only for outgoing connections)

That's a very nice machine.  I had an AlphaServer 4100 some years ago, but not spec'd quite that nice!

-- thorpej

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