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Re: port-alpha/55545: /usr/src/ script only known alpha/alpha, but my machnine is EV56

On Aug 8, 2020, at 4:15 PM, David Holland <
> > > wrote:
> > 
> > > How can i compile src for ev56 cpu?
> > 
> > Is it not an alpha? Does the -m alpha -a alpha build not work?
> I think what's being suggested is that it would be nice to say "I
> want code optimized for this specific Alpha".  In general, we do not
> provide that w/, but it could be done with mk.conf variables
> to set COPTS accordingly.
Yes. :-)

"My history" (started at middle of 2020 may):
GENERIC: use 1 CPU, see 4 CPU, offical install set:
no hangup

GENERIC.MP with 1 CPU (only cpu0 slot is used):
no problem

GENERIC.MP use more than one CPU, offical install set:
terrible/road to hell/....
(some situation parallel running commands, guaratee hangup
whitin 2-5 minute,
example: fetch src by cvs, and etract pkgsrc for tarball)

With my custom (MP) kernel config(s):
Remove some unwanted line from GENERIC.MP: better than generic config

Remove ALL unwanted line (bluetooth, usb, EISA cards,
kernelized raid, many pseudo devices,...),
and set CPUFLAGS="-mbwx -mcpu=ev56": more better,
and detectable faster. Ok, speeup less than 2..3x,
but speed diff. "human detectable", and no too much hangup,
if use only one session: compress/decompress/fetch_by_cvs/compile
(compile: make without -j option),...: can compile entrie system
without hangup....
My latest custom kernel config:

Less hangup count if add 2 line at end of my custom kernel config:
no options SCHED_4BSD
options SCHED_M2

At now: first readable (captureable) message arrived
after more than 2 month (frozen at this screen):

My (current) hardware in alphaserver box:
AlphaServer 4100, 4x CPU (21164A-2, 600MHz), 8G ram, S3 Trio,
3x Mylex D960, 1x QLogic 1020 scsi, 1x 3Com 905B ethernet,
1x SMC 9342TX.
(ex0: internal net address, sshd listen on this,
epic0: external address only for outgoing connections)

Other things:
Hangap can reproduce with any combination of my CPU modules,
and my memory modules.
Hangup can reproduce under 2 CPU,
with only one QLogic 1020 scsi controller.

Install OpenVMS, and Tru64Unix to sd0 and sd1
(names under SRM console: dka100 and dka300).
With full hardware (4x CPU, 8G ram) under Tru64Unix:
cannot reproduce hangup!

With SRM console builtin tests: no problem!

"My tests" wich can hangup under NetBSD,
and cannot hangup under Tru64Unix (with 4x CPU):

Test1: copy raw device to image. Image placed on remote.
(dd if=/dev/sd0 of=/remote_dir/imgae.img)
"Same result" when copy big file via scp (ssh copy).

Test2: dd if=/dev/sd0 count=...|gzip -c9 >/dev/null
On GENERIC.MP: hangup (8-9 of 10 test)
On my (latest) custom kernel: no hangup if no
other session is running
On True64Unix (logically same command): no hangup (0 of 10).

All of my pci cards (used in my alphaserver) tested
in PC (IBM eServer from 2001 (x200 series?)).

I'm idiot?   Possible..... :-)


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