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Re: kern/11018 (VIA VT83C572 UHCI USB controller does not work)

The following reply was made to PR kern/11018; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Nick Hudson <>
Cc: Izumi Tsutsui <>,,,
Subject: Re: kern/11018 (VIA VT83C572 UHCI USB controller does not work)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 13:14:39 +0100

 On 10/16/13 14:00, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
 so, we're getting closer to making your device work on uhci.
 >   uhci_idone: ii=0x3df7e64, xfer=0x3df7dd0, pipe=0x3ecd788 ready
 >   TD(0xba6740) at 00ba6740 = link=0x00ba6680 status=0x1c000007 
 > token=0x00e0022d buffer=0x00bdbf40
 >     0xba6680> 0x1c000007<LS>,errcnt=3,actlen=8 
 > pid=2d,addr=2,endpt=0,D=0,maxlen=8
 >   TD(0xba6680) at 00ba6680 = link=0x00ba66b0 status=0x1c000007 
 > token=0x00e80269 buffer=0x00bdbf00
 >     0xba66b0> 0x1c000007<LS>,errcnt=3,actlen=8 
 > pid=69,addr=2,endpt=0,D=1,maxlen=8
 >   TD(0xba66b0) at 00ba66b0 = link=0x00ba66e0 status=0x1c000007 
 > token=0x00e00269 buffer=0x00bdbf08
 >     0xba66e0> 0x1c000007<LS>,errcnt=3,actlen=8 
 > pid=69,addr=2,endpt=0,D=0,maxlen=8
 >   TD(0xba66e0) at 00ba66e0 = link=0x00ba6710 status=0x1c8003ff 
 > token=0x00280269 buffer=0x00bdbf10
 >     0xba6710> 0x1c8003ff<ACTIVE,LS>,errcnt=3,actlen=0 
 > pid=69,addr=2,endpt=0,D=1,maxlen=2
 Still active
 >   TD(0xba6710) at 00ba6710 = link=0x00000001 status=0x1d0007ff 
 > token=0xffe802e1 buffer=0x00000000
 >     0x1<T> 0x1d0007ff<IOC,LS>,errcnt=3,actlen=0 
 > pid=e1,addr=2,endpt=0,D=1,maxlen=0
 Not active... very odd.
 Can you change uhci_debug to 16, add a call to uhci_dump in 
 uhci_check_intr just before the
                  /* If the last TD is not marked active we can complete */
 comment and send the output, please?

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