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Re: kern/48212: modunload(8) for nfsserver leaves a dangling callout scheduled

The nfs timer callout should be diesatablished by
nfsserver_modcmd(MODULE_CMD_FINI) ->nfs_fini()->nfs_timer_fini().

I think I have identified the problem:

1. When unloading the nfsserver module, nfsserver_modcmd() eventually calls nfs_fini().

2. nfs_fini() calls nfs_timer_fini()

3. nfs_timer_fini() destroys the nfs_timer_lock mutex

4. At some future time, the scheduled nfs_timer call-out fires, and it tries to obtain the nfs_timer_lock mutex in order to check whether or not server-side processing is needed (by checking nfs_timer_srvvec)

5. Since the mutex has been destroyed, it is no longer valid to attempt to acquire it.

Looking at the code, it would seem that nfs_fini() is intended only for use in nfs client processing, and should NOT be called by nfs server code. We already have nfsrv_fini() for closing down the server, and it is already being called.

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