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in openpam_dispatch(): no pam_sm_authenticate()

Dear list readers and devels,

on a NetBSD 4.99.73 i try to use (from pkgsrc) with no luck. 

Authentication agains pam_mysql.o won't work. 

Is there anyone who is able to authenticate against under netbsd?

It seems there is any problem related to the netbsd implementation of pam 
(openpam) or the available security/pam-mysql pkgsrc package.

When i do testing PAM (saslauthd is using pam mech here) by:

~# testsaslauthd -s smtp -u aaaaa  -p bbbbb
0: OK "Success."
(OK comes by, because user 'aaaaa' is in passwd)

I get a error like:
saslauthd[xyz]: in openpam_dispatch(): no pam_sm_authenticate()
saslauthd[xyz]: in openpam_dispatch(): no pam_sm_acct_mgmt()

here is my /etc/pam.d/smtp
auth                    required          no_warn
auth                    required             no_warn 
try_first_pass nullok

auth                    optional user=xxx passwd=yyyyy 
host=localhost db=mail table=accountuser usercolumn=username 
passwdcolumn=password crypt=1 ...

account         required
account         required user=xxx passwd=yyyyy 
host=localhost db=mail table=accountuser usercolumn=username 
passwdcolumn=password crypt=1 ...

I can't find no pam_sm_authenticate() nor pam_sm_acct_mgmt() within as i saw on other platforms:

~# nm /usr/pkg/lib/security/
0000094b t .L12
0000099f t .L13
0000098a t .L14
00000975 t .L15
00000960 t .L16
00002064 A _DYNAMIC
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
00002054 d __CTOR_END__
00002050 d __CTOR_LIST__
0000205c d __DTOR_END__
00002058 d __DTOR_LIST__
00001020 r __EH_FRAME_BEGIN__
00001020 r __FRAME_END__
00002060 d __JCR_END__
00002060 d __JCR_LIST__
00002398 A __bss_start
         w __cxa_finalize
         w __deregister_frame_info
00000e40 t __do_global_ctors_aux
000007e0 t __do_global_dtors_aux
000021a0 d __dso_handle
         w __register_frame_info
00002398 A _edata
000023b4 A _end
00000e80 T _fini
00000730 T _init
         U calloc
00002398 b completed.3413
0000085c t frame_dummy
         U free
         U memcpy
0000239c b object.3471
000021c0 d options
000021a4 d p.3411
00002390 d pam_mysql_boolean_opt_accr
000008d8 t pam_mysql_boolean_opt_getter
00000b18 t pam_mysql_boolean_opt_setter
00002388 d pam_mysql_crypt_opt_accr
00000910 t pam_mysql_crypt_opt_getter
000009b4 t pam_mysql_crypt_opt_setter
00000ca4 T pam_mysql_find_option
00000cfc T pam_mysql_get_option
00000da0 T pam_mysql_set_option
00002380 d pam_mysql_string_opt_accr
000008bc t pam_mysql_string_opt_getter
00000bf0 t pam_mysql_string_opt_setter
         U strcasecmp
00000bb4 t strnncpy
         U syslog

        -lc.12 => /usr/lib/
        -lcrypt.0 => /usr/lib/
        -lm.0 => /usr/lib/
        -lm.0 => /usr/lib/
        -lcrypto.4 => /usr/lib/
        -lssl.6 => /usr/lib/
        -lz.1 => /usr/pkg/lib/
        -lmysqlclient.15 => /usr/pkg/lib/mysql/

Has anyone a idea or the same issue?

many thanks for any hint in advance.




  Niels Dettenbach
  Syndicat IT&Internet
  T.-Muentzer.-Str. 2, 37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt - DE
  PGP public key ID 651CA20D
  Fingerprint: 55E0 4DCD B04C 4A49 1586  88AE 54DC 4465 651C A20D

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