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Spend a great "Summer of Code" with NetBSD!

Dear NetBSD users,

this announcement is for anyone interested to implement a Google Summer of 
Code project with NetBSD. 

April 9th 2010 (19:00 UTC) will be the deadline for student applications.

In case you never have heard about "Summer of Code" (GSoC) before, Google 
provides a website with detailed information:

You can also watch a video about why it is cool to be part of the GSoC 
community and what is
necessary to participate:

If you want to apply you can suggest your own projects or pick up 
projects form the "NetBSD Summer of Code Projects" webpage:

The NetBSD mentors of this year's GSoC have also presented some of their 
projects on the NetBSD mailinglists:

  Curses testframe  :

  Rewrite pkg_comp :

  Improving sysinst, the NetBSD installer :

  Improved Automounter Support :

  Extending the libintl implementation with newer gettext features :

  Full multibyte support  :

   Implement file system flags to scrub data blocks before deletion:

   Optimize and speed-up ATF :

   ATF: Reorganize  and improve modularity :

   ifconfig on-line help & auto-completion :

We look forward to get you aboard with GSoC 2010!

--Mark Weinem

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