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I18N related GSoC projects

Hi all and especially the students here,
if you are interested in Internationalisation, there are at least two
highly useful projects for you. The first one is the libintl project.
As detailed on the SoC project list, the primary goal here is to extend
the existing libintl implementation with newer gettext features, esp.
the support for message contexts. Secondary goals would include
supporting at least msgfmt and maybe other frontend tools. Future
research on better / more efficient file formats would be useful too.

A second project of interest would be an efficient implementation of
strcoll(3) and wcscoll(3) as well as other aspects of full multibyte
support. Some ideas can be borrowed from FreeBSD in this area. This can
also interact with areas like the regex engine (consider [a-z], which
may include e.g. o umlaut for the German locales).


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