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Re: New flyers - need help


> > > It could be because the text is more in prose, but I noticed when
> > > reading it that many sentences could be reformulated to read better in
> > > english :(
> > > 
> > > If you want, when I have more time I could post a modified txt file for
> > > it, and let others here also review if they prefer that edition?
> > That would be nice!
> I'll try to do that in the next week, then.
> > > If there is interest, I could perhaps eventually also help with a
> > > french translation (I'll then use the english text to start from, as I
> > > don't know german).
> > If you think the flyers are worth the work, of course that would be great.
> > Though I know nearly no French events where you could publish them, but
> > ok. ;)
> It's probably not worth the trouble then, unless it motivates such
> future french events :)
> I live in a french/english bilingual city (Montreal), but know of no
> local BSD events.  I admit I never seriously looked, though.
ok, as the FOSDEM is in two weeks, it was supposed that French flyers would
have been nice for that... is somebody here who has time to translate these
flyers until then?

Regards, Julian

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