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Re: New flyers - need help


> Note that I was already impressed with all the content those flyers
> had, so you can take the following with a grain of salt and decide what
> is really worth adding, if any.
thank you for your reply and suggestions. I don't have the time just now to
edit that, but I'll do it the next days.

> Another impression of mine was that this seems very verbose already if
> it's supposed to be promotional material, and that perhaps this may
> best belong in a "NetBSD for Linux users" section in the NetBSD Guide...
Yep, only en-wickelfalz was intended to be promotional, the other ones rather
for people going to an event, taking a CD, but not knowing what to do with
the new system.
Btw, most of the content was taken from this 'guide':

> - The title is all in lowercase, I would suggest "Tips and tricks"
> - There still is a title Nutzliche, is that intentional?  I
>   unfortunately have no idea what it means :)
Ok, I knew there were things not translated, but thought it were only the
comments and titles.

> It could be because the text is more in prose, but I noticed when
> reading it that many sentences could be reformulated to read better in
> english :(
> If you want, when I have more time I could post a modified txt file for
> it, and let others here also review if they prefer that edition?
That would be nice!

> Of course, the names of the english translated files could be better,
> but that probably doesn't matter for pre-printed flyers :)
The titles are translated:
   en-wechsel    - en-switching
   en-wickelfalz - en-tri-fold (see
   en-tipps      - en-tips I
   just took the old names to sort it in my folder.

> If there is interest, I could perhaps eventually also help with a
> french translation (I'll then use the english text to start from, as I
> don't know german).
If you think the flyers are worth the work, of course that would be great.
Though I know nearly no French events where you could publish them, but ok. ;)

I didn't comment on the rest of your posting. I will correct the errors and
suggestions you wrote, but with the rest (missing content), there's just a
simple problem: There's not enough space.
The flyer is currently completely filled, you would have to throw out other
content to make things fit.

Perhaps you could also make another flyer and then separating the current
chapters into several ones, but I don't think that would make it more clearer.

If you think, there's superficious content atm, please tell me or throw it
out in your tex, but cosider the size of the flyer.

Regards, Julian

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