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Re: New flyers - need help

On Fri, 23 Dec 2011 22:33:19 +0100
Julian Djamil Fagir <> wrote:

> > Another impression of mine was that this seems very verbose already if
> > it's supposed to be promotional material, and that perhaps this may
> > best belong in a "NetBSD for Linux users" section in the NetBSD Guide...
> Yep, only en-wickelfalz was intended to be promotional, the other ones rather
> for people going to an event, taking a CD, but not knowing what to do with
> the new system.
> Btw, most of the content was taken from this 'guide':


> > It could be because the text is more in prose, but I noticed when
> > reading it that many sentences could be reformulated to read better in
> > english :(
> > 
> > If you want, when I have more time I could post a modified txt file for
> > it, and let others here also review if they prefer that edition?
> That would be nice!

I'll try to do that in the next week, then.

> > If there is interest, I could perhaps eventually also help with a
> > french translation (I'll then use the english text to start from, as I
> > don't know german).
> If you think the flyers are worth the work, of course that would be great.
> Though I know nearly no French events where you could publish them, but ok. ;)

It's probably not worth the trouble then, unless it motivates such
future french events :)

I live in a french/english bilingual city (Montreal), but know of no
local BSD events.  I admit I never seriously looked, though.

> The flyer is currently completely filled, you would have to throw out other
> content to make things fit.

Sorry I didn't think about this at all.  We could even say that the
font size is already small enough, so it's true that we should take
care not too add too much...

> Perhaps you could also make another flyer and then separating the current
> chapters into several ones, but I don't think that would make it more clearer.

At that point it'd probably be better to enhance the official guide, I

> If you think, there's superficious content atm, please tell me or throw it
> out in your tex, but cosider the size of the flyer.

I'll have to reread the flyers taking space into consideration.  A
possible idea would be merging the binary and source package sections
into one...

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