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Re: Specify swap device priority in fstab?

Valery Ushakov <> writes:

> On Wed, Jun 05, 2024 at 06:38:04 -0700, Paul Goyette wrote:
>> Yup, that works, even when using ``sw,dp,priority=100'' (ie, the
>> dp portion can intervene and it still works).
>> Thanks - the obvious answer is the hardest to find!
> A sign that fstab(5) could use some clarifications. :) One can sort of
> make the necessary inferences, but explicit text (and examples) are
> better.
> Can someone, please, tweak fstab(5) to explicitly say that some
> options from the options column are processed by the mount(8) frontend
> itself and the rest is passed to the appropriate mount program (where
> swapctl(8) is the "mount" program for swaps) via -o.  We already have
> the text that explains fs_type, though that could use a bit of
> copyediting too.
> Don't worry about the markup too much, I'll clean it up if necessary.
> -uwe

While it may not be the most obvious, the required information is
already in swapctl(8) (at least in -current) as far as I can tell.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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