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Re: Minor sysupgrade issue

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:


>                                              But then wouldn't be
> there a chance that the old userland disagrees with the new kernel?

As a general statement, that should not be a problem as long as the
kernel has the COMPAT_* options set.

My own personal experience is that since about 1995, I have encountered
exactly two instances where the newer kernel would not run the older
userland completely correctly assuming the new kernel had the COMPAT_*
options.  One was very early where some programs from a 0.9 userland had
trouble with a 1.0 kernel.  I never understood what was going on, and a
recompile of the programs fixed them.  The second was around the 4.x -
6.x time frame where a system call was removed completely and old
userland had trouble.  So if you were going from 4.x to something more
recent, you might have some problems especially with pkgsrc.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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