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Re: Experience with Epyc 8/9004 series CPUs?

Hi Brett !

Thanks for that data point. We are currently running EPYC 7xx2 (Zen2) CPUs successfully on

SuperMicro boards 16C/32T and 512Gb for several years now.

As you said a "couple of years ago" I assume those CPUs where not Zen4-architecture.

According to AMDs website general availability for EPYC Zen4 was announced 2022-11-10.

So they are fairly new, that's why I am asking whether anybody has booted those. A common

shortfall in the past was temperature sensor support for a while.

Best regards


On 11/29/23 07:07, Brett Lymn wrote:
On Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 03:02:26PM +0100, Frank Kardel wrote:
Has anybody had a chance to try out NetBSD on Zen4/4c EPYC 8004/9004 CPUs
with some results?

A couple of years ago I booted a NetBSD-current on a 64 core Epyc with
either 128gb or 256Gb of memory.  It booted fine, the only bummer is the
server I had contained an unsupported raid controller so I couldn't see
the disks at all.

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