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Re: sockaddr_un.sun_path length

On Mon, 6 Nov 2023, Jan Schaumann wrote:

> Additionally, does anybody know why Linux chose 108
> bytes?

I cannot find the glibc source from prior to 1.06.4 of 1993 (which is 
before the Linux libc fork). I looked at some glibc diffs to create 1.01 
(1992) and newer versions but don't see it changing.

I assume the 108 is there since late 1980's and I believe the 108 
there was a copy from the BSD length prior to it being changed in CSRG 
BSD to 104:

D 7.5 89/12/15 14:27:46 karels 11 10    00001/00001/00030
mbufs are smaller now, so this must be too.

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