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Re: Serious bugs in NetBSD-current, have they been fixed?

On Mon, 25 Oct 2021 at 03:18, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> One of these bugs relates to entropy and how it impedes building many packages in pkgsrc.
> I seemed to get around this bug on one computer but not the other.
> Other bug is longer-standing and plagued me in NetBSD 8.99.51 and again in 9.99.82.
> That bug causes device timeouts on some types of hard drive but not all.
> Sample output is, excerpt from /var/run/dmesg.boot on the following reboot:
> ut writing fsbn 2391623168 of 239162391623560 of 2391623560-2391623568; cn 2372642 tn 0 sn 32), xfer 40, retry 3
> wd1d: device timeout writing fsbn 2391623176 of 2391623176-2391623199 (wd1 bn 2391623176; cn 2372642 tn 0 sn 40), xfer e0, retry 3

> wd1d: device timeout writing fsbn 2391623688 of 2391623688-2391623691 (wd1 bn 2391623688; cn 2372642 tn 8 sn 48), xfer 180, retry 1
> wd1d: device timeout writing fsbn 2391623692 of 2391623692-2391623723 (wd1 bn 2391623692; cn 2372642 tn 8 sn 52), xfer 220, retry 1
> When this happens, computer is halted.  All I can do, other than Reset button, is Ctrl-Alt-Esc to get into debugger, and then reboot.
> This does not happen all the time, there may be several days uptime, sometimes over 30 days, before I get this crash.
> Have either of these bugs been fixed since my last build of NetBSD amd64 and i386 (9.99.82)?
> I don't want to go through the trouble of updating NetBSD installation only to find one or both of these bugs still active.

Not much of a trouble this one - just install sysutils/sysbuild and
sysutils/sysupgrade; by default your build will carry on overnight, in
the morning you can upgrade to the latest -current (sysupgrade -auto),
just be careful with the etcupdate answers. I have been using these
since they became available in pkgsrc and have had (almost) no trouble
(on a rare occasion when vital system shared libraries have been
obsoleted and removed, the sysupgrade process may not complete and you
may have to repeat it; so far it has never come for me to a point
where I had to boot singe-user and recover manually the system).

The entropy problem for me also was solved when I realised I have to
use 'shutdown -r', as I also was in the habit of using 'reboot'.  I am
sure you have watched - in my view, this
is necessary if one is interested in NetBSD.

The only (minor) problem I am still having occasionally is with cmake,
which hangs for me in two well-defined and repeating spots when I am
doing pkg_rolling-replace (the build completes when I attach to the
cmake process with gdb and just quit it). This has been discussed
before, I still am not clear if this is entropy related (unlikely as
it occurs always during the build of two particular packages only), a
problem with threads or an internal cmake bug.

> Tom


P.S. If you are using NetBSD on a laptop with a Synaptics touchpad
there were a few recent updates in the driver and in the Xorg
capabilities, which made it really useful; only for this it would be
beneficial to upgrade to 9.99.92, as it is right now.


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