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re: MIDI with Java on -current?

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo writes:
> I have this Java application (JSynthLib) that needs to talk MIDI with my
> synthesizers.  I've previously run it with older versions of the JRE,
> using the LinuxCharDevMidiProvider that came with it - but that no
> longer works with the current environments.  All I really need is a
> standard interface between the official MIDI bits in the JRE and the
> NetBSD /dev/rmidi stuff...
> Anyone know of something like that?

did anyone ever port portmidi?  i only see portaudio in pkgsrc.

i don't know, but i would expect this is your best bet :(

can you find the old LinuxCharDevMidiProvider code and port it
to the new java?  they probably ditched an old API that was the
same as the one we implement since linux dropped it ages ago.


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