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There was some mention of these recently; I decided to check if they
can be built.

bdfload and ttf2wsfont can be built straight away.

x11-ssh-askpass also builds right away with

$   xmkmf && make SshAskpass_ad.h && make

To build xsetwallpaper, I had to
   git clone

and copy stb/stb_image.h as stbi.h, as well as
stb/deprecated/stb_image.c as stb_image.c (both files are public
domain); then I made a short Imakefile:
           SRCS = stb_image.c      xsetwallpaper.c
           OBJS = stb_image.o      xsetwallpaper.o

           NAME = xsetwallpaper
        VERSION = 1.0.0


xmkmf && make then compiles,  but link fails as libm is not included;
I just c/p the failed link command and append an -lm - it has been
years since I've manually built any X11 program with Imake so I
couldn't figure out the - surely trivial - way of adding libm to to
link stage. I tested a few jpegs and it seems to be working.

Just thought that if they come with the source, someone might want to try them.



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