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crash in amd64 -current

With sources updated a few hours ago (2021-01-21 at 17:17:48 UTC) I am
getting the following crash as soon as it tries to start syslogd:

	breakpoint() at breakpoint+0x5
	vpanic() at vpanic+0x156
	snprintf() at snprintf
	kqueue_check() at kqueue_check+0x183
	kevent1() at kevent1+0x49f
	sys___kevent50() at sys___kevent50+0x33
	syscall() at syscall+0x23e
	--- syscall (number 435) ---

Also, why the heck does savecore(8) complain when I use the -N option?

	# savecore -fN /netbsd.bad.gdb
	savecore: dumpdev /dev/console is tty; override kernel

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