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Re: HEADS UP: Ethernet / Wifi driver locking changes


Jason Thorpe wrote:
I've just checked in a large diff that implements an MP-safe locking protocol for the ifmedia / mii layers used by many Ethernet and Wifi drivers.  I've tested this fairly extensively, and have gotten some testing help from others as well.  But I can't cover everything, so if you notice any crashes or hangs or whatever that seem like they could be related to this, file a bug report using send-pr(1) and ping me via email.

as soon as I can have a stable kernel I can use I will test that!
I already have a "troublesome" intel card as wireless, let's see how it will fares.

Very innteresting would be to test fxp, which already had issue with mii selection. However, my laptops with fxp are running 8.1 since they are considered stable.

Would it be useful to run a current kernel as a test on these, on old userland though?


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