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Re: NetBSD 9_RC1 not booting from disklabel partition on RAIDframe on GPT

Hello Chavdar,

thanks for looking at this issue. In the meantime Emmanuel Dreyfus contacted me and did prepare a patch which solves the issue for me. It is attached to the PR misc/54748 [1].

The patch is committed to HEAD, so newer 9.99.x daily builds should already contain it. It would be good if it receives some more testing so hopefully it finds its way to 9.0.

Kind regards


Am 06.12.2019 um 13:13 schrieb Chavdar Ivanov:
I haven't done raidframe installations for a long time, but followed
your sequence using two days old amd64-current -9.99.19- and it failed
the same way for me. It was under VirtualBox, though.


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